Whether you're searching for the right location to build, already have the plans drawn up or are looking to transform an existing property, PN Homes offers bespoke expertise every step of the way. We can help you source real estate, navigate bureaucracy, and design and build your home ready for you to move straight into, or work with your nominated architect to execute your plans to the utmost detail.

PN Homes has decades worth of experience in turning contemporary buildings into innovative living spaces and heritage-listed properties into beautifully restored homes. With an aesthetic vision firmly rooted in the feel of a space, we take a holistic approach to shaping interiors and exteriors, gauging how each space lends itself to various uplifting and relaxing energies in order to create that feeling of home just as you want it to be.




We ensure that all technical and industrial requirements are met fully while maintaining the project's singular character, working closely with clients to develop and realise projects on time and with transparent budget control.  

As the proprietor of a five-star boutique hotel estate, two Michelin-starred restaurants and a luxury charter yacht, PN Homes' managing director Claus Thottrup possesses a keen insight into the economic investment required to realise outstanding luxury properties and anticipate the practical needs of guests and staff in a variety of commercial contexts.